Atlantic ocean beach at Stella Maris

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Long Island, Bahamas.

Long Island is not only long, around 75 miles, it's also narrow, only around 4 miles at its widest point. This is one family island which is indeed a land of contrasts in geography, architecture and enterprise. The constant cooling Bahamas breeze, which blows from the open Atlantic ocean, is a real blessing for a tropical island location such as this. Long Island is also home to two world class tropical vacation destinations, the resorts of Stella Maris, which stretches from the Atlantic coast to the Caribbean sea, and Cape Sants Maria with it's beautiful white powder beach, which is located on the Caribbean side of the island.

One of the most scenic of all the out islands in the Bahamas, Long Island has two totally different coasts, the Caribbean side has soft, white, broad beaches and the Atlantic coast has tall rocky headlands descending into the deep, azure blue of the Atlantic ocean. The terrain varies from sloping hills in the northeast to low hillsides in the south. From tropical wetlands to beautiful beaches, Long Island has everything.

Less than 300 miles from Fort Lauderdale Florida and only 145 miles from Nassau is an island paradise named Long Island, with a population of less than 4000 people who enjoy a slow, old fashioned way of life. Long Island is a safe, clean and perfect hideaway far from the busy world most people know, with beautiful white beaches, clear aqua waters and a natural ocean breeze. The contrasting coastlines here make Long Island one of the most scenic out, or family, island destinations in the entire Bahamas. The western coast has soft white sandy beaches and the eastern side falls down to the ocean with dramatic rocky cliffs and private coves with hidden shell beaches. The Queens Highway runs almost the length of the island as it meanders through some 35 settlements and farming towns. You are sure to find a small cafe or restaurant to take a break to eat delicious local dishes made from fresh fish and conch. The scenery on the road changes from old buildings surrounded by dry-stone walls with shallow bays on the lee side and rugged headlands on the east coast. The northern end of the island has sea cliffs unique in the Bahamas. Columbus named the island's northern tip Cape Santa Maria, to honor of one of his sailing ships. The area has truly stunning beaches, in fact Cape Santa Maria is home to one of the worlds top ten beaches. Columbus Point, located half a mile north of the primary beach resort in Cape Santa Maria offers tremendous views of the protected harbour Columbus sailed into. Stella Maris, which means Star of the Sea, is another major resort area on Long Island. It is located 12 miles south of Cape Santa Maria. Visitors headed to either Cape Santa Maria or Stella Maris can fly into the Stella Maris International Airport.

More than a century ago, settlers built a road named the Queens Highway. This was an island that understood that commerce and development are fueled by good connections. On this road you will find the main settlements, situated around the natural harbours and beaches, from north to south, Burnt Ground, Simms, Wood Hill in the center, Clarence Town (one of the largest settlements), Roses and South Point. The island is also a favorite stop for divers, fishermen and yachtsmen. The town of Stella Maris in the north is popular with scuba diving, sailing and fishing enthusiasts.

New marina and golf development for Long Island.
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